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Little Kicker books are delightful, award winning, read-aloud children’s picture books. They teach scripture based values in a simple and fun way, and there is a spiritual progression to Little Kicker’s life. In the first book Little Kicker is prayed for. In the Rainstorm book he is taught to pray to overcome his fears. In the Doctor Quickwell book he says his first prayer and in the Wants A Turn book Little Kicker asks for prayer. These inter-active books are both fun and educational.

Sign up below for our free mailing list and we will let you know when Sandy’s next books are available. We are still planning on an early spring release for her fifth book. In Little Kicker Likes to Jump, Little Kicker is elated, joyful and thankful that he is a donkey. Children can learn to be happy God made them just the way they are.

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